SABAC was established in 2003 as a South African brake fluid and engine coolant blender, filler and supplier. The company was born out of a desire to build a dynamic and profitable filling and distribution company that provides reputable product solutions to selected niche markets. Our experience of successfully providing turn-key solutions to our customers, on-spec and on time, coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, strong management involvement and sound methodologies has seen SABAC grow in stature as a professional, integrity based-company that guarantees results.

Our impressive customer references for each completed project are indicative of both the quality and level of commitment we consistently deliver.

Our People

People are SABAC’s most important asset and are thus high on their strategic agenda. We are committed to investing in the individual development of our employees by providing training opportunities that will enhance job skills and maximise job performance in a diverse environment. Our remuneration practices are fair and equitable and in line with the market and are continuously bench-marked in order to ensure that SABAC remains competitive.

Black Economic Empowerment

We believe that there is a strategic link between the successful implementation of BEE and the future success of our business. We are a privately owned level 2 BEE company with 35% HDSA Shareholding. Our level 2 contributor status positioning is critical to the future success of our business, and we believe that this will bring significant benefit to all our customers.

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