The team at SABAC adheres to a specific service methodology that forms the basis of all service operations and solutions offered. This service methodology is implemented throughout our operations, business development and support structures to ensure that a well-devised service solution is implemented for the customer.

Our methodology entails:

  • Customer-focused services infrastructure that forms part of the service solution, ensuring integrated support and operational success.
  • Customer management based on customer partnership principles at a strategic and operational level.
  • Adding tangible value to the business of the customer.
  • Exceptional quality of service and consistent, timeous delivery.

Customer Management Methodology

The customer management programme and methodology is based on tangible value-added activities such as:

  • A single point of contact for the customer to ensure streamlined project management.
  • Additional second line service monitoring.
  • Daily planning sessions to ensure the highest levels of productivity and efficiency are achieved and turnaround deadlines are accomplished and constant customer satisfaction measurement.
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